Within the framework of the project “SANTO Academic Program” and the signed Memorandum on Cooperation with S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, SANTO Company is releasing a series of lectures for students and teachers of the medical university. Fourth-year students of the “Pharmacy” department became the first attendees. On May 28th, leading specialist of the Quality Assurance Division for SANTO Company Elina Porol and manager of the company’s warehouse complex Vladislav Tshai addressed the students.

In her lecture, Elina Porol talked about the company’s mission, about the particularities of medicine production in modern conditions, about the history of the GMP, and gave examples of tragedies which took place as a result of violations of this international standard. The speaker particularly focused on which production facilities had been modernized by the company and today work in accordance with the requirements of the GMP, about how the quality of product is controlled at all stages of production. As is known, SANTO company recently received three important certificates for compliance with GMP standards and currently has certificates: for the production sites of aseptic dispersal of antibiotic powders of the cephalosporin group and beta-lactam group (carbapenems), aminoglycosides and polypeptide antibiotics, for the production site for the manufacture of solid oral medicines, for the manufacture of injection solutions and infusions, and for the pharmacy warehouse.

Vladislav Tshai lectured students on the topic of “Good Distribution Practice (GDP).” In particular, he talked about the importance of requirements for the maintenance of proper storage conditions, transportation and distribution necessary for the guarantee of quality, safety and effectiveness of medicinal products at all stages of procurement, and also averting the risk of the intrusion of counterfeit medicines in the chain of delivery. Students learned that in SANTO Company there is a corresponding infrastructure for this: a modern warehouse complex, responsible and trained personnel who bear responsibility for the observance of all operational procedures and their documentation, providing a guarantee of proper storage and transport of medicinal products. Over the course of the lecture the speakers answered students’ questions. The business operation in accordance with high modern standards elicited great interest among the listeners; attendees asked questions concerning the development and introduction of medications, and also employment prospects at the enterprise. Most importantly, the attendees learned about modern trends in the development of pharmaceutical production from the practitioners themselves, about how today SANTO Company is a modern, knowledge-intensive manufacturer with high technological and scientific potential and highly-qualified staff, the overwhelming majority of whom have chemical-technological and pharmaceutical specialties.


ABOUT SANTO:                                                                    

SANTO Member of Polpharma Group is the trademark of Chimpharm JSC (KASE: CHFM). The Company develops, manufactures and supplies markets located in Kazakhstan and Central Asia with affordable and high quality medicinal products. The Company’s production capacity enables the annual manufacturing of 1 billion 283 million tablets, capsules and granules; 294 million ampoules with injection solutions; 6 million packs and bottles with infusions; 40 million vials of antibiotic powder (cephalosporins); 13 million vials of antibiotic powder (penems/mycins); and 4,5 million vials of oral liquid medicinal products. The company is the leader of the Kazakh pharmaceutical market with its portfolio that includes over 120 generic drugs which are used in 12 different therapeutic categories for treatment of diseases in various therapeutic fields. The Company has the largest research laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment, where domestic products are developed, which is a contribution to the development of Kazakhstan's own intellectual potential. SANTO is the responsible employer for over 1000 employees in Shymkent and all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Company exports its products into countries such as Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Russia, and Ukraine.


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