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SANTO Company is a part of the international pharmaceutical Polpharma Group operating in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, The Caucasus, and Central Asia.
About us
SANTO is the pharmaceutical market leader in Kazakhstan with portfolio including over 240 generics in 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups.
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We ensure the quality of our products at each stage of development, manufacturing, storage, distribution and marketing.
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Our plant produces over 120 generic drugs.
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SANTO is a leading pharmaceutical company in Central Asia
Manufacturing of all dosage forms
Manufacturing resources
SANTO products are manufactured in the plant located in 17 ha territory, we have operating areas for core and secondary production.
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Polpharma Group Code of Ethics
The Polpharma Group's Code of Ethics defines the system of values, standards and rules by which we are guided every day
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Anti-Corruption Policy
SANTO adheres to the highest ethical standards, adheres to the principle of conducting business with honesty and integrity, avoiding corruption in any form and complying with applicable anti-corruption laws
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Certificates GMP
GMP certificate for the Production of oral liquid medicines
GMP Certificate for Aseptic Scattering of cephalosporin Group Antibiotic Powders
GMP certificate for Aseptic scattering of powders of antibiotics of the beta-lactam group (carbapenems), aminoglycosides and polypiptide antibiotics
GDP certificate for a Pharmacy warehouse
GMP certificate for the Production of parenteral and oral liquid medicines
GMP certificate for the Production of solid oral medicines

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On the company's website You can find the "Vacancies" section and send your RESUME to the mail Good luck in your search!
The commercial office of the company SANTO is located in Almaty, the Company's plant is located in Shymkent. Also, another office of the Company is located in the city of Nursultan. In addition, the Company's employees (medical representatives) work in large cities of Kazakhstan. SANTO also has representative offices in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Thank you for contacting us. Please send your commercial offer or appeal to
In Shymkent, you can contact by phone +7 (725) 261 01 40 (reception), +7 (725) 261 01 20, +7 (725) 256 14 06 (office), and in Almaty by phone +7 (727) 312 18 33,
Our portfolio includes more than 240 medicines in 12 therapeutic groups: Dermatology, Neurology, Allergology, Otolaryngology, Pulmonology, Phthisiology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Pediatrics, Antibiotics, Biosimilars. If you are a doctor or a pharmacist/ pharmacist, then you can find a detailed catalog of our drugs on the website in the "Products"section.