Jiri Urbanec

General Director of SANTO

Code of ethics

I am very pleased to present to your attention the Code of Ethics, the main guide in the daily activities of the company. It is a system of values, principles and rules that motivate us to act in accordance with the highest standards in relations with employees, business partners, and patients. And, most importantly, to be aware of our responsibility for the production of high-quality products that affect the health and, in general, the quality of life of the population.

The adopted Code is based on such ethical values as respect, honesty, responsibility, solidarity and cooperation. The rules contained in this document are mandatory for every employee, they are fundamental when making daily decisions. Strict compliance with the ethical standards prescribed in the Code confirms that we are a company that can be trusted, which always adheres to the norms of legislation, current procedures and the highest standards of behavior.

It is important to mention that throughout its 140-year history, SANTO has strived to be a socially oriented and economically sustainable enterprise. This is evidenced by the constant striving for high quality and availability of manufactured products for patients. We hope that our experience in business ethics will serve as an excellent example for all our suppliers and partners, and also contributes to improving standards throughout the pharmaceutical industry in Kazakhstan.

Our mission - Helping people to live a healthy life in a healthy world

Each employee of our company works in accordance with the principles of the code of ethics

Culture as an accelerator of the company development:
  • With ownership
  • As one
  • With openness

Our values