Secrets of the female heart

The conference "Secrets of the female heart - 2020" was held in Almaty. Health, style and longevity of a woman"

The SANTO company invited Professor Arkady Lvovich Vertkin, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, director of the therapeutic clinic and head of the Department of Therapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Emergency Medicine of the Moscow State Medical University named after A. I. Evdokimov, to participate in the forum. Professor Vertkin also heads the regional public organization "Outpatient Doctor".

The conference was also attended by well-known cardiologists of Kazakhstan: Gulnara Aldeshovna Dzhunusbekova, MD, Associate Professor, President of the NGO "Society of Specialists in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Prevention", head of the Department of Cardiology of JSC "KAZMUNO" with reports "Weak points of the weaker sex", "A woman with AF and comorbid condition is in the focus of attention" ; Professor of the Department of Cardiology of the NAO "KazNMU named after S. D. Asfendiyarov" Mira Kapsimetovna Tundybayeva and other speakers.

The main topic of the conference is the issues of women's health, in particular, the features of the course and methods of complex therapy of cardiovascular diseases in women. The relevance of the problem today is confirmed by researchers from the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin (Poland), who came to the conclusion that there are significantly more predisposing factors to heart diseases in women than in men. These include obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. In addition, 95% of cases of female cardiomyopathy are caused by stress, which is also characteristic of a more emotional female. Coronary heart disease in women also differs in many ways from coronary heart disease in men. Scientists explain this by the fact that a woman's heart weighs less, but contracts more often than a man's. All these subtleties of the female body, as well as thyroid diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, blood diseases and pharmacotherapy are discussed in the framework of satellite symposiums.

"The heart needs our care every day, primary or secondary prevention, so that it can beat and love for as long as possible. Our company's portfolio includes more than 13 cardio drugs that, with constant use, can improve the quality of life, " said Anna Farlenkova, director of retail sales of prescription drugs at SANTO.

Source: Press release of the company SANTO.

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